Case Index by Patient History

The following is a list of GU cases by patient history. We provide an index in this format primarily for those clinicians, students, etc. who may wish to study the cases we present and make their own diagnostic hypotheses based upon the available descriptions and images in each case.

If you would rather access cases based on diagnosis, our Case Index by Patient Diagnosis is also available.

021 A 65 year old woman with renal insufficiency
020 A premature baby with late onset oligohydramnios and grossly normal kidneys
019 A 68t year old female with a large mass in the right kidney
018 A 68 year old male with renal insufficiency
017 Retroperitoneal masses in a 45 year old man and a 42 year old woman
016 Complement monitoring in a 44 year old female with systemic lupus erythematosis
015 A 27 year old man with right adrenal mass
014 A 74 year old man with rapidly progressive renal insufficiency
013 Left paravertebral mass in a 20 month old boy
012 A 73 year old male with acute renal failure
011 A 56 year old female with chronic hypertension
010 Mesenteric adenopathy in a 57 year old woman
009 A thirty-three year old man with a paratesticular lesion
008 Renal tumor in a 44 year old male
007 A 59 year old female with an enlarged left inguinal lymph node
006 A 69 year old female with hypertension of unknown etiology
005 A 42 year old man with hip pain
004 A 36 year old male with renal failure
003 Bladder mass in a 57 year old woman
002 Bladder mass in a 73 year old male
001 Hematuria and azotemia in a 60 year old male with aortic aneurysms

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